Steve Stanganelli CFP Amesbury City Councilor-at-Large
Steve Stanganelli CFP Amesbury City Councilor-at-Large
Steve Stanganelli, CFP Amesbury Councilor-at-Large
Steve Stanganelli, CFPAmesbury Councilor-at-Large

Steve Stanganelli, CFP® - Amesbury City Councilor-at-Large

Representing All of Amesbury

THE Common Sense Choice: An Independent Voice Promoting People and Pragmatic Solutions

Economic Development

The key to a vibrant and sustainable community is a broad economic base.


While commercial growth is important in broadening our tax base, this should not be done ad hoc or by sacrificing our quality of life.


I have and will support responsible residential and commercial development. I have and will continue to support targeted tax incentives for large-scale development but also want equitable tax relief to small business owners who are also contributing to our City.


And we must balance this development  with a watchful eye on preserving our open spaces, trails and natural resources.


This is why I support updating our master plans and have asked that we invest in tools to make our planning process on the fiscal and space use side more streamlined.


And we must also have a more transparent financial management process so that we can prudently manage our financial resources so that taxes are fair and all stakeholders are getting the most for their dollars invested in our commmunity.






I am the product of a public education. My parents made education a top priority for my brother and me. And I, too, am instilling the value of education into my three children: Spencer, Zach and Sabrina. 


But we live in different times than when I was in school. We now have a broader, more global economy with different demands.


This is why I believe that we must work to adapt our educational programs to provide the skills needed to make our students not only college ready but world ready:

  • Project-Based Learning
  • Group Learning
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Focus on STEAM because no child is complete without the arts
  • Expanded Early College
  • Expanded Vocational Training


And since more than half of our budget is dedicated toward education, I believe that my primary role is diligent and prudent fiscal oversight.


Public Service

There will always be new challenges that we face. The biggest will always be finding a way to balance many competing demands against limited resources.


Professionally, I help clients navigate these types of choices. And I bring that approach to my public service.


I believe that my perspective developed from over 30 years of working with clients trying to balance competing goals with limited resources can be a helpful influence in our public dealings.


That being said, I also know that my opinions and my votes on matters may not always be popular or agreed with by all.


But know this: I will strive to do what I believe is right and just and not just vote because something is popular or expedient.


I may not always be right. But like Lincoln, I will always dare to do my duty as best as I can as I understand it.


Thank you.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around my website, I hope you enjoy. If you want to get in touch with me, please use my contact form.


Election 2017

I'm happy to announce my candidacy for reelection to serve as one of three City Councilors-at-Large.


I'm collecting nomination signatures and welcome your input and support.


I will be honored if you'll consider casting one of your votes for me.


Please contact me with any requests or questions.

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